Mind Methodology Implementations

What does WINNING mean to you?

It’s not just the amount of work that moves your organization forward; it is how well your team works together to win in any environment.

Every organization does valuable work, but not all have a clear focus on improving what matters most. As a result, despite working hard and staying busy, they struggle to bring sustainable organizational success.

Bring purpose to your team and create meaningful work through the proven MIND Methodology™. There are three building blocks of the MIND™ Foundation— each level can be a stand-alone program, depending on your current business condition.

Choose your level and get started!

full Mind ™ Methodology Implementations

Commit to your continuous development and get a one-time deal for all three levels of the MIND™ Foundations for

$109,000 $72,000

Get MIND™ Quick Start, MIND™ Leadership Excellence, and MIND™ Leadership Excellence, Organization, Strategy, and Culture in ONE deal.

12-Month MIND™ Organization, Strategy and Culture

Develop a powerful leadership engine that drives results and aligns a common goal

All the benefits of Levels 1 & 2 plus:

⭐ We walk with you to provide a seamless and accelerated path to achieving your goals.  Our experience and guidance will ensure you have a smooth path to success and avoid the do-it-yourself pitfalls that can throttle your results.

⭐ We will help your team validate the organizational structure and roles required to accomplish your aggressive goals and clarify their roles’ contribution to the organization’s success.  By using Outcome-Based Responsibilities (OBRs), everyone will be clear on their primary function and what they deliver to the organization. 

⭐ We work with you to codify the culture and behaviors that describe your company at its best.  This is beyond the mission, vision, and values discussion typical of many companies that never embed into the organization. Instead, we will show you how to build them into your organization to truly embrace the culture and values that attracts and retains the talent you need and produces a powerful competitive advantage. 

⭐ We install and conduct the Team Performance Snapshot that builds recognition and continual personal development to create ever-increasing value for each member of your team.  Beyond the tactical, this process also reinforces the support and demonstration of the cultural values and behaviors that are the foundation of bottom-line success. 

⭐ Altogether, you develop a powerful leadership engine that drives results, fully aligned toward a common goal eliminating individual priorities.  Silos collapse.  Decisions are made with confidence and pushed forward into the organization.  Your people are empowered to solve problems freeing you to focus on executive functions.  Your organization gets off the frenetic hamster wheel because everyone is accountable for doing work that creates value. 


⭐ MIND™ Foundations & MIND™ Leadership Excellence, plus

⭐ Organization Structure validation & Roles & Responsibilities Clarification

⭐ Intentional Culture and Behaviors Facilitation

⭐ SLT Performance Snapshot Facilitation


10-Monthly Payments of $6,000 beginning month after last Foundations payment

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