Join our exclusive MasterMIND to EXCELerate your results.

Join our exclusive MasterMIND to EXCELerate your results.

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Predict and enhance the performance ofyour people…MEASURABLY

Measure Talent, Predict Performance, Get Better Results

In order to get the most from your team, you need a scientifically-proven, practical way to make more data-driven decisions about people.

And the positive impact has to hit your bottom line - FAST.

Check out just a few of the organizations that are reaping the benefits of Predictive Index® from MindWire below.

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veterans united
shamrock foods
chuze fitness
master electronics
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Imagine If…

What if you could build a world-class organization using science, data, and software across your entire employment lifecycle?

Leverage Predictive Index® data from MindWire to make better hiring and promotion decisions, interview with ease, build meaningful development plans, career paths, succession plans…and so much more.

Backed by 65 years of science and more than 500 validation studies it is the most researched assessment in the world. Bias-free, with no adverse impact, and EEOC compliant, we can achieve higher levels of performance across the entire employment lifecycle - from hiring all the way through succession - so that your organization achieves the maximum potential.

The Results

MindWire improves the performance of your team, measurably.

Here’s just a sample of the performance results our clients experienced.

Resume-based Only Hiring is Too Risky

Many companies use assessments that measure strengths or personality. If not used properly, the results can be used to justify poor behavior and performance, not increase interpersonal skills and ignite productivity. Worse yet, if used as a hiring tool, they can put your company at risk.

Resume-based only hiring is too risky. Behaviors coupled with cognitive - or how quickly someone learns - are the strongest measures of a person's ability to succeed in a position. When you align Fixed aspects - the Behaviors and the Cognitive - you can accurately evaluate for the Variable assets like Resume and Discretionary Effort.

Finally, we use workforce analytics to make accurate predictions and improve performance!

Your Partner

KMP has partnered with MindWire, an award-winning, certified partner of the Predictive Index, to provide you with data, science, and software to manage your talent. Benefit from the expertise of MindWire's workforce analytics experts, a dedicated team ready to empower and guide your organization to optimal results using the Predictive Index.

Value can’t be quantified…great predictor of quality talent

“I think PI has probably been the most important thing we implemented in the last year. For me, the value can’t be quantified. Since we added the cognitive assessment, attrition has become even lower with new hires and performance has gotten even better, obviously, because it’s a great predictor of quality talent.”

John Trevor

Head of People, Master Electronics

100 times the return on your investment

“The PI Behavioral Assessment is a quick and easy tool to administer, and it will give you 100 times the return on your investment. The PI Behavioral Assessment…provides our management team with the insight to create bottom line results for the business.”

Donald McConnell

Regional Developer for Michigan,

Massage Envy

We are finding better and more qualified talent

“Before we partnered with MindWire, we had very little awareness of the behavioral styles of the candidates we were bringing on and what types of candidates are going to lead to success in the various roles. With MindWire, we are finding better and more qualified talent.”

Nick Barshick

COO, Chuze Fitness

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