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STAR® Manager Organizations:

Help you and your team develop the right skills to make a positive impact in your organization and commercial success for your company.

From this:

  • Burned out fighting endless daily fires.
  • Constantly interrupted for answers and problem-solving. 
  • Frustrated with poor engagement and low productivity.
  • ​Exhausted juggling multiple priorities and ever higher demands for performance.
  • Stressed to meet growth targets and execute on strategic initiatives with existing resources. 

To this:

  • Have more time to do higher value work. 
  • Drive more innovation and creativity at both the individual and organizational levels. 
  • Getting the best from your teams with more ownership in their success. 
  • ​Experience personal and organizational flexibility and resilience. 
  • ​Confidence in driving commercial success. 

Let’s hear it from some of our STAR® Managers and how implementing the STAR® Model has helped their organizations:

"The STARⓇ Manager program brilliantly blended to the values of inclusivity and collaboration and it helped us as a team at all levels bring in innovative operational skills to an innovative collaborative business."

Glenn Fletcher, CEO at Tribosonics

"The program has enabled our leaders to call upon a range of techniques to promote a GROWTH MINDSET within our employees."

Chris Shaw, HR Manager at Amino Technologies

"Our profit is going to be 3X what it was last year - which is amazing!

This program really helped to engage people."

Luke Stanbridge, Commercial Director

at Z-Tech

An independent study by

London School of Economics

Found companies across industry sectors whose managers utilized

STAR® Manager on average, realized:

  • This commercial success eventually led to STAR® Manager catching the attention of the UK Government as potentially offering an “advancement in the science and practice of management” that might positively affect SME productivity.​
  • ​A 6-month randomized control trial of the STAR® Manager program was designed and later evaluated by the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. 

Program Overview

How it Works

Bite-sized, easy to accomplish learning with missions designed to be in flow with day-to-day work.

It's built around the learning theory: PREPARE-DO-REVIEW and leads to fast results even from the first few modules.

With over 18 different types of activities to keep learners engaged across any device, time zone and language.


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