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"Solve your biggest challenges"

The EXCELerator MasterMIND is a mentorship and peer-advisory forum for successful 7, 8, and 9-figure business owners and CEOs looking to solve their most difficult challenges and hit their number.

Not Your Typical MasterMIND

Unlike most masterminds, we go beyond superficial problem-solving and networking events.

  • Six times each year, you and your business experience a comprehensive analysis.

  • We use a proprietary framework powered by the Mind Methodology™ to drive accountability and results – fast.

  • Together we collaborate to identify and solve your most pressing issues and drive value creation.

The EXCELerator MasterMIND imposes a strict confidentiality agreement.

We value your trust and honesty.

Therefore, each roundtable is a non-judgmental space where meaningful conversations and ideas take place.

Why Join the EXCELerator MasterMIND?

Drive Results Faster

Our unique mastermind framework powered by the MIND Methodology™, focuses on what’s most important – that which helps you hit your number.

Consistency and Accountability

Access to our platform facilitates on-going support and progress tracking between MasterMIND sessions. Your peers hold you accountable to your commitments ensuring goals are achieved.

Leverage Experienced Brain Trust

Mentor-led sessions by seasoned business experts connect you to industry best practices and provide objective, experience-based perspectives on leadership and business solutions.

Bridge Leadership

Performance Gaps

Uncover your blind spots and leadership performance gaps and brainstorm solutions to overcome your unique leadership challenges and business roadblocks.

Camaraderie and Community

You belong to a trustworthy community of business leaders who relate to your challenges and encourage you forward.

"Working with them has been absolutely phenomenal.

We were able to get so much value out of the four hours compared to any other consultants, process, or framework. I highly recommend reaching out to KMP Consultants. They helped us figure out the things that will move our business forward and focus our team’s energy on it."

Travis Weathers, CEO of Rotate Digital

Join the EXCELerator MasterMIND

The EXCELerator MasterMIND is an exclusive community of accomplished business leaders with a proven track record of success in their respective fields. They are professionals who desire to stay ahead of the curve and drive their organizations toward continued growth and success.

With a diverse group led by industry experts, our roundtables leverage the benefits of collaboration and create needle-moving efforts to accelerate growth. We want to maintain the group's exclusivity to keep the discussions productive and meaningful for all members.

The MasterMIND Structure

  • Each roundtable is led by an expert, business coach fluent in the EXCELerator framework.

  • The EXCELerator framework guides discussions, make visible key metrics, and support transparent accountability.

  • Meetings are limited to a maximum of 8 Founders/CEOs who are successful in their business, but are open and sincere in joining the conversation.

  • Members must commit to a common time to meet in person once a month for roughly ¾ of a day for a closed-door meeting.

  • Deep dive into four businesses each month to ensure everyone's business goals are on track, teams are engaged, and proactive solutions are in place. Thus, each business receives comprehensive focus six times each year.

Who Qualifies for MasterMIND Roundtable?

  • A Leader by Title and Grit. Founder/CEO or Controlling Shareholder​

  • Experienced. Each cohort is made of leaders of like company size and stage of growth. We have groups for emerging companies — professionals with a minimum 4 years in business and 25 employees — to enterprise leaders with global reach and international presence.

  • Post-Traction. Businesses with a minimum of 1 MUSD Net Profit or 3 MUSD in Annual Review​ and have the desire and patience to at least grow 3x revenue and profit in 3-5 years​.

  • Transparency. Trust is essential for the group to work well together and for breakthroughs to occur. We welcome those who are willing to learn with the desire to share.

  • Committed. Professionals who are able and willing to attend monthly MasterMIND roundtables and are sincere in making a larger impact into the community and lives of their employees.

Get to know the KMP EXCELerator MasterMIND leaders that will facilitate each roundtable and lead your company to greater heights.

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