Mind Methodology Implementations

What does WINNING mean to you?

It’s not just the amount of work that moves your organization forward; it is how well your team works together to win in any environment.

Every organization does valuable work, but not all have a clear focus on improving what matters most. As a result, despite working hard and staying busy, they struggle to bring sustainable organizational success.

Bring purpose to your team and create meaningful work through the proven MIND Methodology™. There are three building blocks of the MIND™ Foundation— each level can be a stand-alone program, depending on your current business condition.

Choose your level and get started!

full Mind ™ Methodology Implementations

Commit to your continuous development and get a one-time deal for all three levels of the MIND™ Foundations for

$109,000 $72,000

Get MIND™ Quick Start, MIND™ Leadership Excellence, and MIND™ Leadership Excellence, Organization, Strategy, and Culture in ONE deal.

12-Month MIND™ Leadership Excellence

Leverage engagement to achieve the greatest possible impact on your MIN

All the benefits of Level 1 plus: 

⭐ Monthly 90-minute Executive Coaching sessions where your coach will provide insight into what the leader needs to facilitate the organization’s transformation and manage its growth.  Led by former corporate leaders, your session is conducted by a skilled coach familiar with the challenges you face and will help you discover the path to success.  In addition, your coach will help you plan how to cascade the Mind Methodology™ to your whole organization.

⭐ Monthly facilitation of the Leadership team Mind™ Meetings will ensure that the team doesn’t slip into bad habits and that they are reaping the full rewards of the methodology.  Together, we will do a retrospective on the previous month, refine the In Focus Drivers and determine if they still are valid, and define the 10-state and Actions for any new Drivers as they are deemed In Focus.

⭐ Bottom line, this continued engagement ensures you and your team see the greatest possible impact on your MIN in the shortest possible time. 


⭐ MIND™ Foundations, plus

⭐ Monthly CEO Leadership Coaching

⭐ Monthly SLT MIND Meeting Facilitation Coaching

⭐ 12-months of Methodology and Platform support 


10-Monthly Payments of $2,500 beginning month after last Foundations payment

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