full Mind Methodology Implementation

What does WINNING mean to you?

Strengthen your organization from top to bottom and create meaningful work through the proven MIND Methodology™.

Get a one-time deal for all three levels of the MIND Methodology™ Implementations for

$84,000 $72,000

full Mind ™ Methodology Implementations

What does WINNING mean to you?

It’s not just the amount of work that moves your organization forward; it is how well your team works together to win in any environment.

Strengthen your organization from top to bottom and create meaningful work through the proven MIND Methodology™.

Get a one-time deal for all three levels of the MIND™ Foundations for

$84,000 $72,000


Quick and efficient transition to MIND Methodology™. Benefit from immediate results without downtime or added burden to your team's workload. Through KMP's facilitation of your regular leadership team meetings, your people are guided to embrace the mindset and MIND™ concepts quickly and naturally over eight weeks.    

Simplified onboarding. The initial platform setup will be done for you while we conduct the weekly MIND™ meetings. At the end of the eight-week program, your people can manage the platform, fully understand the concepts to Execute to Win, and are already experiencing tangible bottom-line results.   

Weekly coaching. MIND™ Leadership Team and 1:1 meetings with senior leaders push and encourage you to be productive. Consistency is key to sustaining continuous success. Avoid falling back into old, unproductive habits by instilling best practices and experience to ensure success with your team.

12 months of ETW (Execute to Win) platform support. Get full access to yearlong technical support and continued stress-free implementation of the ETW platform. Leverage all the tools and features of the ETW to push success your way. Additionally, your leadership coach will help you plan how to cascade the MIND Methodology™ to your entire organization.   

Establish a culture of winning. Bring your team together to focus on improving your Most Important Number™️. Benefit from an aligned team that is productive, collaborative, and accountable.   

Monthly 90-minute Executive Coaching sessions. These coaching sessions are led by former corporate leaders and MIND Methodology™ certified coaches. After each session, you will have gained insight into what you need to facilitate your organization's transformation and manage its growth. Your coach's familiarity with business challenges and knowledge of common industry roadblocks are your building blocks to making informed decisions and fool-proof strategies.   

Reap the full rewards of the MIND™ Methodology. Monthly facilitation of the Leadership Team MIND™ Meetings will ensure the team does not slip into unproductive habits and fall behind their goals. Together, we will do a retrospective on the previous month, refine the In Focus Drivers and determine if they remain valid, and define the 10-state and Actions for any new Drivers as they are deemed In Focus.   

Gain back time so that you can focus on executive functions and your people do work that creates value. Lead better to empower your team to initiate in solving problems and be accountable.

Strengthen your employee engagement and create synchronous collaboration within your team where everyone works towards the Most Important Number™ and evergreen goals.

Build a seamless and accelerated path to achieving your goals. Through learning from shared experience and guidance from leadership coaches, you can pave a smooth way to success and avoid the do-it-yourself pitfalls that throttle your results.

Clarity on your organizational roles, goals, and functions. Validate the organizational structure and roles required to accomplish your aggressive goals and clarify their contribution to your organization's success. Using Outcome-Based Responsibilities (OBRs) will make everyone clear on their primary function and what they deliver to the organization.

Codify the culture and behaviors that describe your company at its best. Go beyond the mission, vision, and values discussion typical of many companies that are never embedded into the organization. Instead, learn to build them into your organization to truly embrace the culture and values that attract and retain the talent you need and produce a powerful competitive advantage. 

Access to the Team Performance Snapshot that builds recognition and continual personal development to create ever-increasing value for each team member. Beyond the tactical, this process also reinforces the support and demonstration of the cultural values and behaviors that are the foundation of bottom-line success. 

Develop a powerful leadership engine that drives results. Step out of your shell, make decisions confidently, and push forward into the organization.  


⭐ 12-months of Methodology and Platform support 

⭐ 12-month, 20-seat, ETW software license

⭐ 8-weeks of support, including 

● Weekly coaching for CEO, Owner, or Founder

● Instruction and guidance in the Mind Methodology™ foundations

● Weekly SLT MIND Meeting Facilitation

● Development of the Most Important Number™️ (MIN)

● Definition of the Drivers and 10-States

● Identification of actions that impact the MIN

● MIND Meeting agenda setup

● 1:1 Meeting agenda setup

● Training on setup and use of ETW platform

● Training on how to run productive Mind™ meetings 

⭐ MIND™ Foundations & MIND™ Leadership Excellence, plus 

⭐ Organization structure validation and Roles & Responsibilities clarification 

⭐ Intentional culture and behaviors facilitation 

⭐ SLT performance snapshot facilitation 

⭐ Monthly CEO Leadership coaching 

⭐ Monthly SLT MIND meeting facilitation coaching 

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full Mind ™ Methodology Implementations

Commit to your continuous development and get a one-time deal for all three levels of the MIND™ Foundations for

$109,000 $72,000

Get MIND™ Quick Start, MIND™ Leadership Excellence, and MIND™ Leadership Excellence, Organization, Strategy, and Culture in ONE deal.