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The MasterMIND is a purpose-driven platform connecting CEOs who value collaboration. Unlike traditional networking groups, we go beyond superficial interactions and challenges. We push members to gain a deeper understanding of their business, its environment and trends, and collaborate to solve problems and add value.

The MasterMIND roundtable is a mentor-led and peer-supported group where everyone is encouraged to collaborate with peers, and reinforce everyone's business efforts using the proven MIND Methodology™ framework. We aim to foster a synergistic environment where CEOs can share their expertise and experiences to help each other succeed.

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Karen Pierce

Karen Pierce is an accomplished international businesswoman, corporate leader, and pilot with 20 years of global corporate experience and 16 years in Asia. She is a master of blending methodologies, processes, and culture to focus organizations on WHAT is most important, alignment around executing it and enabling intelligent decision-making to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

Tom Pierce

Tom has led a business in a Fortune 75 company, lived, and worked on six continents, where he grew and led global cross-cultural teams to deliver results in culturally diverse organizations. Tom works with senior leadership teams to help them successfully align and transform their organizations, make better decisions to effectively execute their strategy, improve accountability, and scale their businesses.

Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell is an Executive with experience managing emerging technologies and mature market organizations. His expertise lies in challenging the status quo to steer innovative, multimillion-dollar global operational and commercial strategies that build profitable ventures from the ground up. His knowledge and success in implementing effective Management Operating Systems in multiple organizations have improved business and financial processes, discipline, and governance to drive growth and improve competitive position, profitability, and value.

Cyndi Laurin

Cyndi Laurin, PhD is a Business Advisor/Coach with 25+ years of experience specializing in business operations, leadership, employee engagement, and continuous improvement. She is an award-winning business author and speaker. She is MIND Methodology™ Certified and Certified LEGO® Serious Play Facilitator with a passion for people and performance improvement solutions to advance organizational value and effectiveness.

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