Improve your managers’ performance FAST!

The results shown here are from a study initiated by the government of the United Kingdom and independently evaluated by the London School of Economics (LSE). Their intent was to determine the impact that leadership and management practices have on employee engagement and productivity.

STAR® Manager Results

74X average first-year Return On Investment (ROI)

6X increase in retention

47% improvement in employee engagement

60% improvement in productivity

The proof is in the RESULTS.

STAR® Manager is the only management development program to be independently studied for its effect on management performance and business results.

Studies have shown that 73% of managers manage by command-and-control. This means they are micromanaging and “doing” the work IN the business. They have no time for the more strategic functions for which they were hired. Consequently, since their manager is “doing” their jobs, their direct reports model their behavior and micromanage their people.

Get your copy of the “The Answer is a Question” NOW!

Get your copy of the “The Answer is a Question” NOW!