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Did you aspire to be a great leader in your company only to discover you’re a glorified firefighter?   

When you entered the C-suite, all your grand plans to streamline the organization, align everyone in the same direction, and take the company to heights not achieved before waned. The real world of global economic fluctuations, regulatory changes, stock price pressure, exchange rates, and labor disputes had you jumping from one fire to another. 

But to survive and deliver the results expected by the Board requires being proactive, not reactive. You need a tool to see what’s coming before it arrives as a 4-alarm fire and an Agile and Resilient organization that can react quickly and respond. You need an aligned senior leadership team armed with information to make good decisions and processes to make those changes successfully. You want a company culture that gets your workforce engaged with purposeful, meaningful work, excited about what they do, and knows the value of what they contribute to the greater purpose. They are empowered to solve problems and actively look for improvement opportunities. They have a sense of purpose in their work and pride in what they contribute.

Put away your fire hose. We can help you make that happen.


Strategic planning traditionally is a long, rigorous process consuming hundreds, if not thousands of hours only to become outdated in this rapidly changing global business environment. With our unique tools, we help you gain an external perspective to strategic planning and risk assessment to give you foresight into what potential disruptions might impact your business. We help you develop a proactive action plan and institute an internal feedback process to address a developing crisis or capitalize on an emerging opportunity. The result: A more agile pro-active strategy that minimizes the impact on your company.


Senior leadership drives the process of growth. Too often they do this by forging initiatives that are 'command-and-execute' type efforts; we help leaders understand how to implement change and minimize resistance from their employees and instead experience success at changing old processes into new habits over time.

We also help leaders throughout the organization develop a culture where innovation and proactive improvement aren't just encouraged but are the natural outcome of an engaged workforce. When employees understand the value and impact of their work, they feel connected to a greater purpose, and know they are supported in figuring out how best to do it- extraordinary results follow!


To fuel and accelerate performance, we help you institute a strategic operating framework. We focus on smart metrics, intuitive communication and escalation processes and streamlined reporting processes to gain momentum and alignment. These measures are the indicators that signal timely course corrections to avoid a major setback and codify the new ways of working required to achieve your objectives. We help you institute a streamlined management operating system to accurately track performance, measure progress toward your goals, and secure a culture that supports their achievement.

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Karen M. Pierce

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